Monday, August 13, 2012


Report written by Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes




                                    The present police investigation was initiated by executive order to ascertain the circumstances of the death of Antonio Ramos, as contained in the record that on February 12, 2012 at 2hs39min  within the Penitentiary of San Vicente, Antonio became ill and was bailed to Emergency the Humaita, coming up with heartbeat and breathing, but died be medicated.
                                The autopsy report 969/12 points with unknown causes for the death of Antonio Ramos (6 pgs). The supplementary report on the outcome of Anatomical Pathology Chemical Review 378/12 as a cause of death showed acute respiratory failure / thromboembolism (13 pgs). The toxicology report 3712/12 states that Antonio Ramos was not on drugs or alcohol (14 pgs).
                              The official of the prison, Mauro recounts the rescue of Antonio and also reported that it had bronchitis and was stubborn smokers (15 pgs). He joined the file copy of the Preliminary Determination same collusion and that the case should be filed for not characterizing any type of crime or disciplinary offense (79 pgs)
                             Therefore, I submit the present case the high appreciation of Your Excellency for the appropriate action.

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